The Voicemarketing team is comprised of seasoned Internet broadcast professionals, grounded in traditional broadcasting, and is unparalleled in the industry.

Lee Mirabal

Lee Mirabal - Founder and Chief Executive Officer Headphones

Lee has been a force in radio broadcasting since 1965. She is a pioneer in melding the professional quality standards of terrestrial radio with the global reach of the Internet. Lee's talk show clients have included eBay, Inc.; Hay House Publishing, Inc; Entrepreneur Media, Inc.; NBC Talknet; Major Talk in Chicago; and many other high-profile companies. Lee's advice program Your Friendly Next Door Neighbor was syndicated on NBC for years and played on more than 275 affiliates. Her voice is heard on audio products ranging from NASA paging systems to Ford Motor Company commercials. Lee has been listed in the Top 100 Most Influential Voices in America.

Her accomplishments since 2003 include serving as co-host and executive producer of eBay Radio for eBay, Inc. With five hours of programming a week for eBay, Inc., Lee has forged and proven the community model for a company wishing to reach their core audience of customers and users. Broadcasting from the Clear Channel Studios in San Diego, CA, Voicemarketing, Inc. delivers an important asset to eBay's 300 million registered users worldwide.

Lee also enjoys playing in the State of California Ladies Poker Championships every September. (Hint: Don't get her started on poker!)


John Sell

John Sell -Vice President, Engineering and Production Microphone

John has produced audio since 1978 for many venues, including radio and TV commercials; AV presentations; telephone on-hold marketing tracks; show bumpers; and custom marketing productions for all types of presentations. His close attention to detail makes John a standout in the audio production industry. He can fix just about anything in a studio and makes a great chief engineer. John comes from a musical family, so he loves to sit and thumb-pick county-style blues on his guitar into the wee hours of the morning. (Hint: Don't get him started about country music, guitars, or the blues!)



Melissa DeMille

Melissa DeMille - Talk Show Producer

Melissa is a "radio brat", having been raised by parents who were in the radio business. She has worked for most of her life in various radio station gigs, including receptionist; banner schlepper; DJ assistant; phone screener; traffic director; copywriter; scriptwriter; and talk show host producer for Entrepreneur Magazine Radio, Hay House Radio, and other high-profile talk radio programs. Melissa has a degree in psychology and divides her time between duties as a youth counselor and her creative radio projects. She has been the producer for eBay Radio for more than four years. All this, plus she is also the mother of two beautiful and very active boys. (Hint: Don't get her started on her children!)




Betsie Bolger

Betsie Bolger - Content Manager

Betsie Bolger, known in the eBay community as "eBetsy",but spelled "Betsie" when she's not on eBay, has been a magazine editor, writer, and freelance journalist in editorial, advertising, and public relations for more than three decades. She has been a content provider for various websites since the dawn of the World Wide Web. Betsie now serves as a contributing editor and scriptwriter for eBay Radio as well as co-organizer and emcee of the annual eBay Radio Party & Conference. A beloved figure in the eBay community, she makes good use of the eBay colors in her hair for special events. Betsie was also a professional equestrian, training horses and riders at competitive levels ranging from backyard events to national and world championships. (Hint: Don't get her started on horses!)  




Donna Freher-Lyons

Donna Freher-Lyons - Director of Business Development

Donna is currently focused on sponsorships and utilizing social media to expand the reach of traditional marketing. She has directed administrative and operational activities in a wide range of industries. She has organized large scientific symposiums; managed a scientific society; assisted in the monthly orchestration and production of a classic mystery school; and provided oversight and guidance in areas directly related to growing a business. She also studies yoga and dance. (Hint: Don't get her started on the Argentine tango!)



Frank Ceasar


Frank Ceasar - Production Director/The Voice of God in Southern California

Semi-retired, but working harder than ever. (Hint: Don't get him started.)




Bert Lo

Bert Lo - Web Services Manager

Burt is a technology consultant, project manager, photographer, counselor, coach, and father. His home base is in Encinitas, CA. Burt's current work involves supporting people in achieving their goals, often through enabling technology in life and business. He is also a minister. (Hint: Don't get him started on religion!)





HyperGold Web ServicesHyperGold Web Services - Web Development & Internet Marketing Partner

HyperGold Web Services opened its doors in 1995, providing website design, marketing and development services for businesses. Although HyperGold is compact, many of its projects are quite extensive, involving custom programming and software development. Elaine Murphy and Rob Wood, along with their well-honed group of designers and programmers, supply the marketing, business and technical expertise to create and maintain websites that produce results for their clients.

The HyperGold client group spans a considerable range -- technology, staffing, hospitality, art, e-commerce retail from wine to collectibles to florists, professional services, and school districts to name a few. Its projects range from developing multi-language corporate websites in Asia with custom database solutions to redesigning the site for a premium delivery service covering the entire state of California. They go to HyperGold for business and technical expertise, and stay for their superior customer service.

ThinkubatorThinkubator - Business Strategies Partner

The top-quality seasoned veterans standing behind Thinkubator have been helping start-up, private, and public companies since 1987. Pairing the right technologies and prospects with correctly prepared entrepreneurs, Thinkubator leverages their guidance, access to capital, and comprehensive support to build businesses that are competitive, sustainable, and capable of exceptional returns.

Thinkubator team members have been involved with exciting companies in a variety of industries. From brick-and-mortar coffee cafes to biotechnology, software, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and Internet ventures, Thinkubator's proficiency spans the continuum of creativity and execution. The bottom line: We understand what entrepreneurs face, because we have faced it ourselves -- and continue to do so every day. Thinkubator develops businesses that can survive in difficult public and private markets, both domestically and worldwide.

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