On-hold/Auto Attendant/Telephone Prompts - Audio Production


  • It is often the first impression a caller gets of your company.
  • You have a captive audience
  • Marketing is a good thing! (You shouldn't be afraid)
  • It is a splendid opportunity to present products & services
    (we can always use more of that!)
  • It is a great image builder.
  • On hold marketing is proven to process less hang-ups
  • It keeps your customer's mind on YOU...not the music.
  • We custom write your script, up to 10 commercials, add the professional voices, some "no-royalty-fees to-pay" music background, maybe a sound effect or two...and you put it in your system's MOH input...or for most newer systems, we can supply a digital file through email. Really, it's that simple. A powerful marketing tool...and you own it. NO CONTRACTS, no monthly fees...just a simple buy-out

auto attendant

It makes sense to use auto attendant services for your company's phone system.  Auto Attendant saves some of your valuable resources - from staffing to time.

  • Auto attendant messages answers your telephone for you "Thanks you for calling the law offices of" or "You've reached the offices of Jane Doe Advertising." 
  • The friendly professional voice directs your caller to the proper destination "If you know your party's extension, etc.," and can be the voice of your telephone lists and extensions as well. "For Bill Smith, please press 112."

Scriptsscript writing

Scripts are written by professionals who specialize in writing for on-hold, radio, TV, industrials, websites, presentations, etc.

  • Writing for the spoken word is a special skill that helps make your messages flow smoothly. This facilitates attention/retention for your callers, customers and prospects. Here at Voicemarketing, it is one of our specialties. Our writers include ADDY award winners.
  • Writing for websites/presentations, etc. (written word)



Price List - PackagesAll prices are "buy-outs" you own the production - no monthly fees - Custom packages may vary from the examples below. Ask about deep Discounts for payment within 7 days of production.

The Universe - $1,500
Custom On Hold Production - up to ten custom written commercials

  • Script Writing
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • 1 or 2 Professional voiceover Talents
  • Auto-Attendant live reads for 3 months

The Planet - $900
Custom On Hold Production - up to 7 custom written commercials - 3 generic

  • Script Writing
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • 1 Professional voiceover Talent


The Comet - $600
On Hold Production - 5 custom written commercials, 5 generic 

  • Script Writing
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • 1 Professional voiceover Talent



The SOHO - $395
Custom On Hold Production - 5 spoken word interludes with your name mentioned

  • Royalty-Free Music

  • 1 Professional voiceover Talent


    Auto Attendant - $350 (1st time)

  • Professional voiceover talent does live read into your phone system (monthly update service is available.  Cost depends on length of messages and frequency) upgrades available for $100
  • Auto-Attendant + extensions - Package: $425

Alleged View from
voicemarketing studios

*We write the script and send it to you by email.  Once you approve the script, we go into the studio and do the voiceovers and add the music.  At that point, unless the voiceover actor or actress made a mistake with pronunciation, etc. there will be no changes.  If you wish to have a script change AFTER production is complete, there will be a $200 charge for re-do with the voiceover talent.