On AirVoicemarketing Radio Syndication is the Professional Quality alternative for Internet and terrestrial radio production and services.  Our combined team has over 120 years experience in terrestrial radio and over 30 years collective experience in internet radio and streaming.  It is our job to make you sound professional from day one. We offer the following services – you may choose all or just one. Custom packages are available if you choose more than one of our services as well. Remember, we are the Professional Quality alternative.

  • Consulting - From helping to make your show sound professional immediately… or just helping you focus on your radio show alternatives, we can consult with you to help you realize your radio talk show dreams.

    Free for 15 minutes – if we are not a match…I can suggest a couple of alternatives…after that the consulting starts at $500 for one hour. Initial consultation is with Lee Mirabal. Our consulting staff is at the ready, including broadcast engineers, administrative, traffic advice and services, and more.

CALL 760-591-3477

  • A professional radio coach - Lee Mirabal to help you sound like the “big boys and girls” – It’s a speedy method of refining the host's on air skills. (1 hour of coaching over the phone and some follow ups after the broadcasts for a few weeks does the trick)

    Starts @ $2,500 one-time fee for one host - $3,500 for doubles (co-hosts) – includes one hour of coaching with follow ups as necessary.

  • Professional hosts and co-hosts – Let’s say you have a show idea, but you want a professional radio talent to host or co-host with you…we can help.

    Starts @ $250 per hour

  • Hosting of archives and weekly maintenance with unique URL (your own archive website) No matter where you produce your show – this package includes editing of show into segments and optimizing editing such as taking out breaths, etc., if necessary, your content descriptions/guests names, etc. inserted into your website within 24 hours after your show time. (Your show doesn’t have to be produced through us for this service)

    Setup fee to build the site (fast and easy – we have “back-end” for radio shows already built and in use.) Starts at $1,500 for any radio show.
    Then, monthly maintenance/archive work Starts @ $750.00 month for 1 hour per week show

  • Turnkey Package - Live streaming of your radio show and archived for listening on demand 7/24

    This is custom dependent upon the format and week/day/time – let’s talk about this one on one. (760-591-3477). It may include the following:

    • Full technical support with setup of remote studio in your home or office
    • Engineering consultations
    • Script Writing of intros/outros for show
    • Guest Producers who book your guests for you
    • Studio with phone screener and board operator
    • Toll free number for guests and call-ins
    • Professionally produced "bumpers"
    • Methods to gain listenership
    • RSS feeds and iTunes implementation and support
    • Hosting of archives and weekly maintenance with unique URL
    • Special mobile app for listening to your show
    • We have a stable of over 50 of the most professional voices in the nation.  We can facilitate full production of commercials and show promos.
    • and more – if its radio…we can help.
    • Radio Show Newsletters
    • Remote Event Broadcasting and Consulting – From consulting on simple remotes to complicated Town Halls…we can assist and execute your remote broadcast.

    Starts @ $500 per hour with one free 15 min consultation